Monday, October 24, 2016

Gatorade, Soup, and Two Left Feet!

October 17, 2016

Dear family and friends!!!!

This has been an awesome and crazy week! We had interviews with President McCusion (her mission president) on Wednesday, and then on Thursday I got super sick with the flu and stayed in the whole day with a fever and other unmentionable things that were not fun. At 6pm that night my companion went on splits with a member from our ward and then another member from our ward stayed at the apartment with me so that I wasn't alone. She was so sweet a brought me Gatorade, soup, ginger ale, and saltine crackers.  It was so nice and helped so much.
Sickly Sister Magda and Silly Sister Goff

This week I have also been reflecting a lot on what it truly means to be on a mission. I simply could not learn the things that I have learned any other way, then by coming out here and serving the Lord. I have come to see that sharing the gospel with my brothers and sisters, and seeing them apply the atonement into their own lives has brought me so much joy!

The Lord has been showing me this week how I can know when my brothers and sisters are prepared to learn and know more of spiritual things and when they aren't at this time. We invited an investigator to take a tour of our church building this past week. The spirit was strong and we felt very Christ centered.  Despite how we felt, the things that stood out to her was that the basketball hoop above the baptismal font, the fact that the chapel looked like a courthouse room, and that the air conditioning was on so high that she felt cold.  Of all the blessings, we talked about and how Christ centered his church truly is, those were the things that stood out most to her.  I'm grateful for the Lord and the fact that He gives us all the time we need to find Him. He also gives us the gift of discernment.  Through that gift we can discern whether or not the time is right for another person. I’m thankful that he places all people in our path, and to know that she will be prepared one day to see.  It just wasn’t that day.

I've been thinking about Mathew Chapter 14. It's so easy to look at the waves around us at times instead of keeping our eye on our Savior,
Jesus Christ. Abilene is approximately a thirty minutes’ drive from the church building, so at times I let that get to my head. I worry that people would not be willing to drive that far.  But I've seen that as long as we (the missionaries and members of the church) do our part, the Lord will do His and if they truly are prepared they WILL come to church. They will make that sacrifice for Jesus Christ because they know it is His will.

I love being a missionary! I love my companion! She has taught me so much and I just can't express how grateful I am. I’m full of gratitude. I've never loved my mission more. The Lord is aware of me. He definitely has placed many people on my mission for many reasons. This has  inspired and helped me to grow and change.

So, funny story/true story. Last Monday Sister Goff and I went to Famous Footwear because I needed a new pair of shoes that were warmer than my dress shoes but not as warm
as my winter boots. I found a pair that I liked that came to my ankles and were super comfy, so I bought them and left happy and ready to wear new shoes. The next day I put them on and they felt a little weird but I didn't think much of it because they were roomy boots. I thought that they just needed to be broken in or something, so I started walking in them. My companion looked at me and laughed and laughed so hard.  Through all of the laughter she choked out and asked if I put my shoes on the right feet! I was a little ticked. I looked at her and said, “I know how to put shoes on!” Then looked down and noticed what she was seeing. I was like, “What the heck?” And so I proceeded to switch them but then realized the store had sold me TWO LEFT FEET SHOES !!! I had walked for half the day in these things looking like an idiot. but all is well because I got it all sorted out today and now I have a right and a left pair of shoes.

I love everyone so much and hope you have a great week !!

Sister Magda

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