Monday, October 17, 2016

Answering Some Questions

September 5, 2016
Dear friends and family,

Ok so again I l have no time to email so I will start off with the questions my mom emailed me. 

1. Today we had a zone P-day so that means everyone in our zone came down to Salina and we all went to the Salina Rolling Hills Zoo... yep it was called Rolling Hills Zoo just like my last area. But it was super fun!  Have you all seen the hippo video on Facebook?  Well, we saw this HUGE rhino that had an…. intestinal issue.  We backed away from the fence super-fast and held our ears for about 2 minutes!  It was super funny! The zoo was so much fun we just pretty much joked and laughed and acted like little kids haha!  It was a good thing the zoo was pretty empty.

2. Sister Goff and I are doing awesome! She is so much fun!  I love her! We are working so hard together and I am learning a lot from her.

3. What was the craziest story this week...hmmm. As we were driving down the street this guy was trying to ride his motorcycle and wasn't quite getting on it so well, so Sister Goff ROLLS DOWN THE WINDOW AND ASKS IF HE NEEDED ANY HELP!!! I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Then when he said, “No I’m good,” she started encouraging him and saying things like, "you got this!" "just keep trying" as we were driving away.... we were laughing so hard and I LOCKED HER WINDOW AFTER THAT. CRAZY!!

4. No crazy pet stories... oh wait this lady lost her dog and we helped her find it and brought it back to her... but she didn't want to listen to our message but she was very sweet. 

5. We cooked leftovers from a member a dozen different ways. you can't do that much with just smoked pork haha. but I would love if would send me the Porkurt recipe and the South african pancakes recipe. 

6. Fast and Testimony Sunday was pretty good.  We had our investigator Kayla with us and she said she loved it.  AWESOME! 

7. I kinda need new Shoes but that’s about it mine keep getting destroyed!!

8.  Here is a great quote that I love! "Do the best you can until you know better, and then when you know better do better." by Maya Angelo 

Well that’s all the time I have I love everyone so much and hope you have a great week!!!

NEWS! Next week on the 17th Kayla is getting Baptized!!!  super excited for her to take this step and come closer to her Savior.


Sister Magda

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