Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy Baptism!

September 19, 2016
It's almost October!!!!

Ok so I have been the WORST at writing lately so I apologize. This week has been crazy/awesome! last Sunday on Sep 11th, Caesar, Ibet's brother, got BAPTIZED!!!!! it was so awesome!!  We had been teaching him for over a month until we had to give him to the Spanish elders in Salina... not sure why. They then got white washed (“White Wash” is a term used to describe when both missionaries in an area are transferred away at the same time and two completely new missionaries replace them.) out so we continued to teach him along with the two new Spanish elders—so we did it together. He was so prepared and he had such a strong testimony and faith in God. He would tell us that he didn't ever have to worry because if you put your trust in God he will take care of you no matter what. After he was baptized his sister, Ibet asked him how he felt and he told her that he felt just as she had described her baptism, "like a huge weight had been lifted of my shoulders and someone was giving me a warm hug".  When hewas being confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost his blessing told him that the Lord has great things for him and that as he continues following the will of the Lord he will be blessed and that he will be a great missionary to his family. IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!

We have also been working with our investigator Kala W. and she was preparing for baptism on September 17th. Every day that week we saw her and helped her to feel ready. I asked her if there was something that would stand in the way of her being baptized what would it be? She said, "probably my kids telling me not to do it (get baptized) or telling me that it was a stupid idea" and then she said, "if that were to happen I would tell them to SHUT UP SATAN!!" It was so cute haha.
We had exchanges this week with the STL's last Tuesday after district meeting.
I stayed in Abilene with Sister Dingman and Sister Goff went to Salina with Sister Southwick. I have such a hard time going on exchanges because I don't think I know what I am doing and I don't want to screw things up or look like a failure. But the thing is, is that it doesn't matter if you don't know what you are doing because this is the Lords work not ours; so if we are following His promptings and going to Him and having faith that He will guide us then nothing will go wrong. It doesn't mean that we will not have hard times or rejection, it just means that we can always pick ourselves up and keeping going with faith that the Lord will provide away no matter what.
I have been struggling with doubt in myself and that the Lord called me here as a missionary to help his work move forward, but that is because I was focusing too much on myself and my abilities. It’s true I can't do this by myself; only with the Lord’s help and having faith in Him can I be able to accomplish those things He has asked of me. There is no room for Faith when there is doubt in our mind. The way I have learned to keep doubt out of my mind is by replacing it with thoughts of the Savior and I have seen such a difference in not only my faith but also in my relationship with my Savior.

My exchange with sister Dingman was so amazing. I have learned so much with her and we saw so many miracles. A funny story—it was like 8:30pm and we were trying to find a former investigators house that was in our area book. We stopped at what we thought was his house but we couldn't see the number because the porch light was just flickering off and on in a really creepy way. I was ready to go knock on it but Sister Dingman anxiously exclaimed, “What if he is a murderer?!?” We knocked on the door anyway and it was the wrong house but it sure was funny.  We then found his house and had a really spiritual lesson with him.

The next day Sister Goff and I went over to his house and had another lesson with him but when we got back to the car I tried to start it and it DIED!!!!!! The following morning, we went to have it jumped started and taken to the Firestone to get a new battery. We then walked to the gas station to get water and we met Sharon at the counter. We started talking to her and she
has been to church before in the Junction Ward once and loved how it's like a family and not so much like a country club like her church is. After talking with her some more, she is coming to church this Sunday with her kids and is now preparing for baptism on October 8th !!!! The
Lord has prepared people everywhere!!

Last Saturday Kala W. got baptized!!
And her whole family came to the baptism it was wonderful and the spirit was so strong. As she came out of the waters of baptism she was like, "WOW that felt good!" and then she came up to us and was telling us how her shoulders don't hurt that bad anymore. Then her confirmation blessing on Sunday told her that she will be sensitive to the promptings of the spirit and that as she bares her testimony to her family and friends she will find great joy and she will be a great example to them. Ahh I just love her so much!! We were late to our appointment with her because our lesson went over and she texted if we were ok and then replied to our text that it was ok she just had a strange feeling and wanted to act upon it. I love my mission so much and am so grateful that the Lord has sent me to the greatest mission in the world!! I love you all so much and pray that you have a great week 😃


Sister Magda

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