Monday, October 17, 2016

Kitty Withdrawls

August 22.2016
Dear Friends and Family,

How can it be Monday already?  What a week! It sped by.  On Tuesday we had district meeting and went to Olive Garden which was super weird because that was the last place I went to before the mission life... And it was expensive. But because time is short this P-day (we were playing sports all day... football and rugby) I am just going to answer your questions.

1. We are teaching a girl named Alexis who is 18 and from Tennessee we just met last week. And we are teaching Natalie who is in her 30s and is my favorite person ever she is so amazing!!! 
2. The car is amazing!!! 12 days without it #thestruggle like honestly I need new shoes from that and like the bottom of my feet look like an old lady’s feet... (Alisha and her companion had a miscommunication and went over their mileage allotment by 500 miles!  They had to park their car and walk and call for rides for almost two weeks.)  
3.  My favorite family are the Browns cuz they are freaking cool and always give us the best food... BBQ food yumm.

4. Funny pet stories are that I pick up random cats off the road or on people's porches and give them hugs cuz I have my withdrawals...😸

5.The best thing I ate was fresh burritos. The best thing I cooked was cereal or top ramen hehehe... Bleh

6. The funniest story was we knocked on this guy’s house and his daughter came out and we were talking to her for a few minutes and then he came out and we tried to talk to him but he just said "I already bought my ticket to hell... Twice!" And then slammed the door...😂😂😂😂😂    Best day ever. 

Well I gotta go but I love and miss everyone so much and I promise next P-day will be a longer email. 
Let's not forget the awesome dogs.

Sister Magda

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