Monday, October 17, 2016

Cat Tails,Trailer Parks,and More Tornadoes!

October 10, 2016
Dear Friends and Family,

So this week I will be writing an epistle... Ok maybe it will not be THAT long. Ha ha ha!
As you can tell I have not been the best at writing letters home and I do apologize greatly. I will do my best to include things from the past two weeks, but my memory isn't that great and I lack in the journal writing department ... a lot. But it’s ok because I am now repenting and am changing. 
Guess What These Are?
Cat Tails!  I know.  Random.
Last week after General conference, Sister Goff and I decided to go try tracting this trailer park that neither of us had ever seen or been to before, and knock at least three trailers (tracting isn't the best method of finding here in Kansas). We knocked at the first house and no one answered then another and another still no answer.  We then decided to try one more trailer before we left. We said a prayer and then looked around and then decided to knock on this one trailer home that seemed nice and not too scary. We knocked and waited a good 5 min.  About the time we thought no one was home someone answered!! Donna is the mother of that home and her daughter’s name is Kansas... Yep her name is Kansas! Kansas has a 6-month old daughter and her boyfriend Donny lives there as well. We have been teaching Kansas and Donny all week. We had many spiritual experiences with them. We had many members come and love them with open arms. Donny (Kansas's boyfriend) even ended up accepting a date for baptism. Things were going well. They felt the spirit in the church when we gave them a church tour. The Barney's came and blessed their home and Brother Barney gave them blessings. An hour before their ride was going to come pick them up for church Sunday, they completely dropped us. It was so very disappointing, but we are still choosing to rely on faith. It's unfortunate how hard Satan works. It's hard that our brothers and sisters have their own agency at times, but we definitely are not going to give up this is just a small trial of faith😊.

 On Thursday sister Goff and I were in our car planning for the rest of the week when we heard these loud sirens outside that sounded like an ambulance so we roll the window down and this HUGE wall of rain and wind just comes out of nowhere! Then the Salina sister texted us and said to get in our shelters right away! Yep, the tornado sirens went off and we had members texting us telling us about what was going on on the news. I wanted to go chase the tornado and take a selfie with it and take pictures but my companion sister Goff wasn't about that life.
Selfie with Sister Goff--not the tornado!
We ended up going to the library basement. After a while were really getting hungry so we left the library and went to get something to eat at our apartment. It was hailing so hard and the wind was blowing the car but our reassurance was we had a bath tub to sit in if a tornado hit... But it managed to miss us and hit the outskirts of Abeline.  Another tornado six miles away hit Solomon and then started towards us but then changed directions. It was so exciting.
What kids do here after the tornado sirens are over!

Transfers were last week and I am staying in Abilene with sister Goff for another six weeks yaaay!!  It's so awesome! She is such a great companion. 

Sister Magda 😃

Enjoying the storm.

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