Wednesday, January 18, 2017

And Illness Strikes Again...

January 16, 2017
Dear Family and Friends,

This week was interesting....It began with my companion going to the doctor. Diagnosis—Strep Throat. So, the next day, Tuesday, we were stuck in the apartment all day long because she was still contagious. We couldn't go to district meeting so we had to just be on call for it. That was very interesting. This meant a lot of down time that day so we decided to start a puzzle that we got from sister Aldrich a few weeks ago. It was the hardest puzzle of my life! It is 3D and everything is the same freaking color! But it was so fun :) It took us a good long while....
Then on
Wednesday she woke up feeling even worse than Tuesday, so, not a lot got done that day either. So, the week was off to a great start....

Thursday was exchange day! Sister Gillespie finally felt better, so I went to Lake Shawnee with Sister Pritchett and sister Gillespie stayed in Kaw Valley with Sister Chappell. It was super fun! Sister Pritchett also served in Abilene. She was there with Sister Nail right before I got there. The first day we just visited a lot of people that Sister Pritchett didn't know so we were going in blind most of the time haha. But that night we stayed up late making jokes and laughing about funny moments in our mission. Funny story though, we were walking in the freezing cold and saw people unloading a truck so we decided to go and help. Well, the guy was moving from Ogden, Utah and knew all about the missionaries. He was really nice but wasn't interested. so, we decided to give everyone there our card. As we walked away one of them texted us and was wanting to go on a date with Sister Pritchett... hahahaha we laughed so hard about it.

One of the best things about this week is that we met this really cute old man named Don! He just recently lost his wife and was really struggling with it. We told him about the Book of Mormon and read him a verse and he got really excited to read it. We also met this suuuuper cute lady named Arlie at McDonald's. She has hair so long she can sit on it. We felt prompted to ask her if she would like a picture of Jesus and she started tearing up and said "on a day like this, I would really love one." We now have an appointment with her on Tuesday. I am super excited. We also finally got back in contact with Daniel! And he still wants to be baptized! We are so excited!

I cannot believe that it is already the middle of January!! Time is going by too too fast. I want it to just slow down for a second!

I hope you all have a lovely week!! Love you all!

Sister Magda

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ever Heard of Wind Chill?

January 9, 2017
Dear Family and Friends,

This week the weather is absolutely crazy. We had one day that it wasn't a freaking -8 degrees!! That is insane.... And ever heard of wind-chill? It's like the worst thing ever. It might be 10 degrees but it feels like -10. Stupid. It is stupid. Sister Gillespie has a picture of me hiding in my bed ha ha!

The strangest thing that happened this week was when we saw a man yesterday night walking down the street with a weird scrappy wagon thing. Except, he wasn't pulling it... There was a chain attached to it... that was attached to his waist... and he was carrying an ax. Yeah. An ax. He looked very.....intense? Let's just say he was "walking with purpose"... Very quickly. He looked super shady. Topeka blows my mind sometimes. We decided to follow him and he went into the back door of a house with the ax!!! Then when we went around again he was sitting on his wagon and it looked like he was sharpening something... Then he saw us and we booked it out of there.

We met an awesome lady named Deidra. She is amazing. She is super excited about the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church! We're super excited to see her progress!

Last Monday, our P-day, Sister Aldrich took the whole district bowling! it was so much fun. We spent practically the whole day with her doing puzzles after that. Now I'm addicted to puzzles... It's bad.

Today the elders let us pick out what style to cut their hair.... I was very excited... They look so much better. And then we played an intense game of Frisbee with 8 people.  Super fun!

The Jordan family are still working towards baptism. They keep coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. They are doing so well! They just need to get over some trials of faith. I love them so much

Hope you have a great week!

Sister Magda

Memories of Christmas and a Brand New Year

January 2, 2017

Dear friends and family,

We got a new district leader named Elder Mortensen. He is really cool and has been “following me around the mission”. It’s actually kind of funny. He was in my first zone, then he became my district leader in Wichita. Then there was one transfer where he wasn't in my zone, and then he became my zone leader in Salina. Now he's my district leader again in Topeka. Funny, right? We were joking about it today and he said, “I never have to wonder where I am going to go because I’ll just see where you are and know that’s where I’ll be!” It’s super funny to me as well because we go home the exact same time too.

Anyway, today Sister Aldritch, a member in our ward, took our whole district out to go bowling! it was so much fun... although I realize I didn't inherited my grandmother’s talent at bowling which stinks. She then made us all lunch, chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes... it’s
a Kansas meal, I guess, but it was really good!!!

Christmas was wonderful. A member of our ward let us use their house and our entire district played the game Settlers of Zarahemla and watched Disney movies (approved for that day only) then I got to skype my wonderful family and laugh and tell them all about Kansas. it was awesome!
Afterward, we all went caroling for the rest of the night!!
I just love Christmas on my mission because you truly get to experience the true meaning of Christmas.
Happy New Year!

Sister Magda

P.S. So, everyday this month Sister Gillespie and I went into the elders' apartment when they weren't there and took one tie a day until Christmas.
Then we bought them each a tie and signed the back of it and wrapped them, and put them at the bottom of the box and folded all 46 ties and put them on top. then we wrapped the whole thing and gave it to them for Christmas. Elder Monson wore his new tie for Christmas.