Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Growing Season

March 28, 2016
Hello Friends and Family!
I hope everyone is doing awesome! I loved everyone's packages! I want to thank Sister Marshall for the See's Candy and popcorn and hot coco,
The Kempter's sent "Missionary Minion" Twinkies!
and Sister Kempter for the missionary minion Twinkies, and Sister Dunham for both packages (the Greenie one and the Easter one.) I loved them both and they came at such a perfect time. I am sorry I’ve been really bad with sending letters lately it’s been CRAZY haha but I will be sending letters very soon, and thank you mom for the Easter baggies and the stuff I left at home and the card.  I just got the package from the Bryan's today and I loved it thank you so much!
                So last week Monday after I emailed home, my companion and Elder Shumway, Elder Call, Elder Daily, and Elder Moss and I went to “Worlds of Fun” (an amusement park with arcades like Six Flags) and played mini golf, go karting, and laser tagging. It was so much fun!! We just had a blast! It was Elder Call, and Elder Moss and I on a team, and Sister Tafua, Elder Shumway, and Elder Daily on a team for mini golfing and my team won because we were awesome that way. I came in first place on the go karts (thank you Need for Speed haha) and Sister Tafua came first in laser tagging, but I came second to her so she barely won. I got my Laser Tagging skills from Sam Shear man if Sam and I were on a team we would demolish them all hahaha :P.
Easter Sunday in Wichita

                After last Monday everything changed for me. It seemedlike everything that I was getting used to suddenly become extremely challenging. Heavenly Father has been working really hard on me and taking everything I was used to and stripping it away from me and really making rely on Him. It has been the most challenging week of my life. I started to realize that I wasn't doing what I needed to. I wasn't opening my mouth and was relying on my companion for everything and while that’s ok in the beginning, it isn’t as time goes by. I have been out for a little over a month and realized I needed to pull more of my own weight so my companion and I could work as one unit. I must not allow Sister Tafua do all the work. I have really had to learn how to forget myself and stop thinking of how I sound to others or how others will see me. That’s not important. None of that is important. I am doing the Lord’s work and all that matters is how well I am serving Him and how I am showing my love for Him by loving others and bringing them closer to Him and helping them to gain more knowledge of how He can change their lives and bring their families together for eternity.
Happy Easter!
That is all that matters. As soon as I realized that and focused on the Lord and kept my eyes on Him, everything changed. I started to truly listen to others and their concerns and needs and felt the love Heavenly Father has for them. It was then when Heavenly Father granted me with the words to say and the courage to say them. I am still not perfect but every day I am changing—hopefully for the better.

It’s through the challenges Heavenly Father gives you that you learn who you are and how you can change to become who He wants you to be and who He knows you can be. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father more than words can ever describe and I am so blessed to be on a mission where I can serve Him.

I love everyone that has been such a support for me and I promise I will be sending a lot of letters out to people. 


Sister Magda

Missionary Pranks
P.S.  The elders left some of their clothes in our car.  We decided to wrap them up in plastic and LOTS of tape.  Then...we slathered them with Icy Hot rub.  Heh heh heh...
Bwah ha ha ha!

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