Monday, March 28, 2016

Zone Conference, Temple Trip, and Chihuahuas!

Kansas Sky
Hi Friends and Family!

This week has felt like seconds it’s so weird! So this week has been really busy since we had zone conference and the Temple trip that took two full days but it was so worth it! Tuesday was Zone Conference from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  When we arrived we had breakfast and hung out for a bit, and then we went into the chapel for a devotional with the AP’s (Assistant to the Mission President.)It was really cool. The AP's talked about being Lovingly Bold to investigators because there is no other way for those investigating our church to understand just how important our message is and how much we care for them. Next, President Bell talked about the Elect and how we need to go through the chaff to find them. What he meant was that we have to talk to every single person we see and leave no one out! He also talked about how we are the descendants of Israel.  Teaching and Proclaiming the Gospel is in our blood and we need to Teach, Teach, Teach, because that is our calling. It was such an inspiring zone conference! We also got to do my least favorite thing which is role playing EWW!!!!  It’s so awkward for me but so useful.
Bus Ride to Oklahoma City!

We were all so excited because the next day we got to go to the
TEMPLE!!!!!!! All of us got on a huge bus and drove for THREE HOURS to Oklahoma City. Imagine what 50 missionaries do on a three hour bus ride with
 iPads. Wellllll…it’s taking and sending videos and photos to each other the whole time! If you fall asleep you are fair game—so everyone falls asleep with one eye open.
Clearly he does NOT have one eye open.
When we
 got to the Oklahoma City, Ok Temple we had a lunch and a testimony meeting while we were waiting to go in. It was such an amazing experience and it was so beautiful. After serving in the temple, we got to talk to the temple president. He answered some questions and talked with us for an hour. Then we drove three hours back to Wichita, KS (taking more pictures) with more one—eyed sleep.
Oklahoma City Temple
All of us at the Oklahoma City Temple

My Sisters!
We had to make up those two days by working our butts off! One night we had a lesson with an investigator that took us past 9:30 so we had to race home!  But its ok, we got home in like 8 min because they didn’t live that far away. On Saturday we have morning sports so we get up at 5:30am instead of6:30am so that we can play sports at the church. This past Saturday we ended up making silly music videos and playing slaughter ball. Hahaha! The result of having an iPad and being tired because we were up at such an early time—we got a little crazy!

These are the crazy videos!  One is Mormon Sista Rap and the other is Mormon Elder Rap!

So its funny story time!
We pranked our elders the other day with the silly string that Sister Dunham sent us. We waited for what seemed like forever till they came to our door all the while videotaping it from two angles. Hillarious! 

Also, this week we went to see an investigator in a rougher part of the city and a Chihuahua chased me down the road. My companion just fell over laughing because I was wearing boots and there was no way it could have bitten me...THATS WHAT SHE THINKS!!!!

I love all of you so much and promise the next email will have
more info

Sister Magda
Sister Magda and the pet snake

Sister Tafua and the pet snake

Questions she answered:
Mom: Do you eat at member’s homes a lot?  How is the cooking coming along?

Alisha: I have dinner with members almost every night. I haven't yet cooked for myself except for lunch yesterday.  My companion and I made pancakes and I cooked the bacon. We had dinner with the “C” family. She's a single mom with a 16 year old daughter and an autistic 19 year old son. We cleaned her kitchen and washed all her dishes because she's going through a lot and then my companion made Spam musubi which is Spam scrambled eggs wrapped in seaweed then oranges and dried mangos. WE HAVE BEEN MAKING SPAM WRONG!  IT’S SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! Next time it’s my turn to make Pörkölt (Hungarian stew)
Have dad send me some GOOD sentences in Afrikaans.  People have been asking if I can speak it. They think our family has such an amazing story. When I tell people my mom is from Kansas they get so excited and get goose bumps whenever I tell them because it is proof the Lord knows us so well. The lady you talked to was sister Jarred. We had lunch with her this past Friday and she was one of the ladies that I told that you were from Kansas.  She thought that it was so amazing and wanted to call you and tell you how much she loved having me and my companion over. What did she say to you?
Mom: Can you Facebook?  I know they tried having missionaries use Facebook a few years ago.
Alisha:  No Mom, I cannot Facebook.
Mom: How far away are you from Arkansas City (Ark City?)  (I was born and raised there)
Alisha:  I am 20 min away from Arkansas City

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