Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Conferences, April Fool's and White Mice

April 4, 2016
Dear Friends and Family,

This week was a roller-coaster week. We had a zone training on Tuesday and then District Meeting on Wednesday and then we also had Sister's conference on Friday (which was also April Fool’s Day—interesting in and of itself!) so all in all it was another week of meetings. 

Monday was really meh. It was just a low key P-day. We got up gave Sister Maxwell our laundry (we are spoiled!) and then went shopping... DO NOT GO TO WALMART ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!!!!! We were so hungry and everything looked so good that we ended up buying a bunch of crappy food like Oreo Pop Tarts and other  foods I know my mom has told me to stay away from....like…Captain Crunch cereal, hehehehehehe. Then to top it off we were walking to the check out and smelled FREAKING SUBWAY! So, like any normal hungry human we got lunch to go. Then, because it was April Fool’s weekend coming up, we had to go and buy a prank item we had planned to prank the elders with, so we went to... Petsmart!  hehehe we were going to put a live mouse in the car, so when the elder’s borrowed it, it would scare them. Who would have thought that Petsmart wouldn’t carry live white mice? (You know the ones that you would feed to snakes that are like $1?) I asked the lady where she carried the "live" white feeder mice and the girl looked at me with an appalled expression and said with her nose in the air, "We don't DO that here.  They're frozen because that’s better for the snakes anyway." I just thought to myself, "You still have Kill the mice for them to be frozen woman. How is THAT any better?"  Instead of saying any of that, I just smiled and replied, “Ok, where are THOSE?” We then bought a FROZEN mouse (which was $3. They are more expensive when dead.  Who knew?)

While we were driving home, I tried to put the frozen mouse up in the sun visor but it kept FALLING ONTO ME !!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GROSS!!!! I finally got it to stay.... not saying HOW though. There’s a video of it but it’s too long to send. The elder's didn't end up finding it until 12 hours later so it was pretty thawed out. Through the whole week they teased us with it because they kept it and would put things that looked like a thawed mouse but wasn't really into our stuff and then would be like, ”Where's Richard ?(that’s the name of the mouse) Squeak, Squeak!”  Then we got it back ... again not saying how.  But let’s just say it went on for the rest of the week. 

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference with President Bell and learned about helping members and investigators see how the adversary will try to prevent our path to happiness and how we can help them notice it and prevent that from happening.  It was really a good lesson that they gave us with really good examples to teach.  One was on keeping your eyes focused on Christ like how Peter did when he jumped out of the boat and was walking towards Christ on the water. When he looked down and saw how great the waves were and took his eyes off of the Savior and started to fear, he began to sink. Then he looked back to Christ and called out for rescue. I know this happens to all of us at one point or another but we shouldn't let that hold us back. Our goal is to continue to strengthen our faith in Christ and to not let hard times define us. Another lesson was on Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life and how the mists of darkness lead the people away from the tree. Even some who held fast to the iron rod while traveling toward the Tree, doubted or were tempted away and they let go of the rod of iron.  Some even partook of the fruit and then heard the voices of the people from the great and spacious building laughing and pointing their mocking fingers at them and the people felt ashamed and left towards the mist of darkness. Despite this, all is not lost.  They CAN turn back.  We must be there for them.

On Thursday we did a service project for Sister Maxwell and helped her make a baby blanket and clean her house.
Then on April 1st we had our Sister’s Conference.  That is where ALL the sisters in the WHOLE mission get together and have workshops and speakers. We also had Zumba in the morning.  The shocker is…I actually participated in the Zumba and was in the front row! This, of course, was not by my choice.  I was just trying to show my companion that I can do things out of my comfort zone.  It was actually pretty fun.  Then, we had workshops lead by the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) and they were all really awesome and inspiring. I got to see my MTC companion Sister Radford and all of my roommates from the MTC!!!
My MTC Sisters!
It was so awesome! And I got to meet my mission grandma and great grandma and we had a picture taken.
Mission  Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma!
My mission grandma is Sister Peterson and she serves in the Lawrence 2nd ward and she KNOWS TERESA KELLEY!!!!!! Ahhhh that was the coolest part!!!  I met someone who knows a family member of mine!

After that, we had dinner at the Couch's house and then visited more people.
Happy Birthday Brother Couch!
When we got home, the elders were going to pick up the car so we decided our prank was going to be Saran wrapping the car and taking all the music out. When we got to our house there was a picture on the door and that’s when we knew the elders got into our apartment. We opened the door and they had flipped all of the couches over and put 200 little cups filled with water all over the house and put goldfish in our bathtub and sink and then knocked on the door and threw a bag of flour at Sister Tafua!  I have never seen her move so fast!  It was like a gazelle fleeing a lion on the Serengeti!  So funny!

On Saturday we watched General Conference on TV at a less active family’s home. Throughout the first session, the mom kept saying how happy she was and how good it felt to be so obedient and she was tearing up. It made me feel so good to know that we could help her have those feelings. I have never been the one to watch General Conference at home.  I was the one with the snuggie on the couch snoring.  Now that I am on my mission, I really regret not listening to all of the speakers.  I realize now that if you truly listen to every single talk, you will find so many answers to questions you might have. It will help to guide you to be a better person and to make good decisions. One of my favorite talks was the one about Fathers. I am truly blessed to have such a loving Dad. I am so thankful for how hard he works for us and how he is always there for me when I am sad or angry or frustrated. I am so thankful for how he has been an example of helping others—especially  missionaries when they are in need and dropping what he was doing to help them out and taking them places. He has been a great example of a loving father and I couldn't ask for a better dad and would never trade him for any other dad. He has helped me be the person I am today! I love you with all of my heart dad, and am so grateful for what you do.

There were so many amazing talks I could talk all day about every single one but there just isn't enough time so if you haven't watched General Conference, I would really encourage you to watch all four sessions and to take notes and listen with a sincere heart. I love this Gospel so much. It is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and the true church and has blessed me and my family so many ways.

Now to answer questions :
Mom asked: What kind of car do you drive?  Have you driven it yet?
The car we drive is a silver Toyota with a bike rack on the back, I cannot drive the car yet until I memorize all 5 lessons and watch a video and get my twee card.
Mom: You have received so many packages so far.  Are you the “package queen” there?
Yes, I am the package queen of the mission hahaha !
Mom: Can I send you the Ensign magazines?  Are you all allowed to read those?
 Yes please send me Ensigns.
Mom: What kind of service projects have you been doing lately? 
We have been helping people move lately and cleaning houses.  That’s been our service so far. 
Mom: Have you noticed people there referring to soda as “pop?”
Almost everyone calls soda “pop”
Mom: “I’ve heard that Californians talk really fast.  Do Kansans talk slower than Californians?
 You know, I have noticed that some of the people here talk a little bit slower paced, but what I’ve really liked is that the people in Kansas have a more friendly feeling about them than Californian's. Ah, but man do I miss California and its crazy people.
I love everyone so much I miss you guys a lot.

 Sister Magda

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