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April 18, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a less exciting week. Last Monday for our P-day activity, we went to a trampoline place in the city part of Wichita with the missionaries from three zones so it was a pretty big event.  Ha-ha we played dodge ball and did a lot of tricks and jumped into the foam blocks and then struggled to get out of them because it’s almost impossible to do. Then Tuesday we woke up and couldn't move and walked around like penguins the whole day... I couldn't lift anything for like FOUR DAYS! 
After Sister Tafua and I and Elder Call and Elder Shumway finished our pranking each other, everyone else in our zone started pranking people... it got kinda annoying ha-ha. On Friday it was my 6 week call so we went to the mission office and met with the entire sister's in the area that I came out with and the three AP's and President Bell. They called each of us up for accountabilities and two questions. It was pretty nerve racking to be in front of president but it was all good. Then later that night we had our missionary member MTC thing that Sister Tafua and I had to teach.   We taught three classes on how members can find people to teach... The thing is we had no time to plan it so we winged the whole thing and it turned out...GREAT!  Only a few families showed up but it was still super good. Then on Saturday we just did a whole bunch of service projects... I LOVE DOING SERVICE!!! because  1. you get to help people and 2. you get to wear PANTS!!!! 
Sister Magda rendering service in "PANTS."
                I think this week has been the first week of “nothing much happening.”  It didn't help that Sister Tafua got super sick and I had to stay in the apartment for like a day and a half calling people and updating the Area book and studying while she slept... I slept a little too but only because I was so bored and fell asleep studying ha-ha.
Then yesterday we had dinner with the family we baptized. It is the most amazing thing to see how much they have changed in just a week after being baptized. N. who is 17 made dinner she made chicken enchiladas which were soooo good!!! J. who is 13 made chocolate chip cookies. K. was so excited when we were talking to her about the temple and she said she can't wait to go! We talked with them for about 2 hours. They are the most amazing people I have ever met. The girls come from such a rough background and to see them grow so much and change has just made my love for them grow which I never thought it could grow any bigger. (Btw Mom: That is so cool that you are feeding the elders again! It makes me so happy!  You have to tell me all about them.)
                Well, there are no funny stories this week except we found a GIANT WOLF SPIDER while helping someone build a fence and we put it in a water bottle and are going to give it to our zone leader Elder Stock and scare him.
It was transfers week this week and a lot of my favorite people are leaving which is the worst! 
Elder Call takes the photo.
Elder Call is leaving which is the worst because he is the coolest elder ever, Elder Brasher is leaving he's our zone leader.
They have a message for you...
 Sister William's our STL is going home because she finished her mission. She has been one of my favorite sisters ever! Sister Filigrana is leaving also.

She is the other STL, Sister Hernandez is leaving, and Elder Moss is leaving :( all the people we hang out with. So this transfer is going to be difficult.

-Love Sister Magda

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