Monday, April 17, 2017

He Knows Our Needs

April 17, 2017
Hello friends and Family, 

So I haven't emailed in two weeks please forgive me haha. Not a whole lot happened in the last two weeks.
She says this, but last Monday she got to go hold newborn lambs and snuggle puppies!
 That's something!)
We had our investigator, Patty, come to
church two weeks in a row!
She is so awesome and cute! Sister Grover
and I went on exchanges last week with the STL's. I stayed in Kaw Valley with Sister Chisholm and Sister Grover went to Lake Shawnee with Sister Bench. It was super fun to be with Sister Chisholm. She is crazy... and fun... but mostly crazy hahaha!
But mostly I want to tell
you about this sick Miracle that happened this week.

Well, last Friday, Sister Grover and I were driving and we were stopped at a light when I saw this young woman with her son who looked to be 3 years old walking across the cross walk. As I looked at her, I did something that I have never done but recently decided to start doing. I looked at her like she was literally my sister and I thought, “Wouldn't I want to share the gospel with my sister and want her to have the same blessings that I do?” And then I looked at her son and imagined him older. I saw him wearing a name tag. It was weird, but I felt like I needed to talk to her. So, I told Sister Grover we needed to park and talk to her. So, we did.

Turns out she needed help carrying her stuff to the hospital because she was going to see her friend. She had just come back to Topeka from Alaska where she had reunited with her birth family. When we talked about the Restoration of the Gospel and how God knows her perfectly and knows her needs. We then told her He sent us to her. She started to cry and told us she wants a better life for her son. She took a Book of Mormon and asked us to please come back and see her and that she desired to come to church that Sunday. I promised her that as she continued to meet with us and truly desires to know the truth of our message, Heavenly Father would bless her right away and that things would start to look up.

We were in contact with her the rest of the week. She couldn't make it to church on Sunday because she was stuck on the east side of town because of the storm and missed her ride by 10min. A member gave us food to give to her and her son because they heard that she was very hungry and needed food for her son. When we brought it she was so happy that she kept giving us hugs. As I looked around her apartment there was no food except a chocolate bar broken into small pieces. She had an air mattress on the floor and that was it. She told us that after she talked with us, that very night she found this apartment and moved out of her friend’s house. She said she has been reading the Book of Mormon to her son every night.  And she expressed that she wants to come to church so badly. It was the most amazing miracle I have ever witnessed! The sad thing for me is she moved out of our area so we can't teach her. We had to pass her on to the other sisters that are in her area.  But, it's ok because the important part is that we listened to the Spirit’s prompting and she will be able to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today our district made light sabers and sneak attacked the whole zone at the church. There were injuries (me) but it was worth it.
Sister Chisholm grabbed my light saber and went for my companion so I went to save Sister Grover by rugby tackling her to the ground. Unlucky for me, she smacked me into the door and I busted my knee and my hand. There was blood but not too much hahah....It was a scratch on the hand and bruised knee that’s it! Don't worry Mom! 
Ha ha ha! The important thing is that I saved my
companion from the savage Sister Chisholm.

Well that was my week. I hope you had an amazing 🐣 Easter !!!


Sister Magda

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