Monday, February 27, 2017

No Matter Where You Have Gone, There Is Always a Way Back!

February 27, 2017
Hey Family and Friends!

This week was a great week!  Sister Grover and I have so poor that we have been surviving off Manna which has been an interesting experience. The Lord has literally been providing
every meal for us and it’s been so amazing! Luckily, we have money now (our monthly allotment came through today) and can buy our own food which feels so good!  One silly fact about us this week is: when Sister Grover and I find playgrounds, we have to slide down the slides and video tape it!  I know, random….

We went out with a few sisters in the ward this week. One sister took us out to Holton which is the farthest city north in our area. We got lost on a dirt road.... but found our way to civilization!
#thankyouJesus. We almost drove out of the mission but didn't #thankyouJesusagain. Ha ha, it’s so funny. The Lord has truly been blessing Sister Grover and me. We found this lady named Jackie. She told us that she had met with the missionaries before when her ex-husband joined the church. Then the missionaries lost contact with her and she went through so many trials in her life but now she wants to build her faith in Jesus Christ and raise her son in the church!! Literally the most amazing miracle.

Last Friday we went on exchanges with the STLs and I went with Sister Greenwood and my companion, Sister Grover stayed in Kaw Valley with Sister Pritchett. Sister Greenwood is amazing. I loved spending the day with her and learning from her.
We visited and had lunch with a member who talks really fast but is the sweetest lady I have ever met. Then we walked outside and it was snowing.... eww.... I don't like cold....
then taught the Plan of Salvation to their investigator over Skype. He is the most amazing person and was asking questions that you would find in our manual, Preach My Gospel.

Next, went to dinner with the Balsmiers and they fed us Belgium waffles. YUMMMY!! And…homemade brownies!!! HMMMM! Then, we went and taught another investigator the Plan of Salvation.  It went really well. Brother Balsmeir had this cute Labrador Retriever that would sit on his lap like a lap dog.
They also had three cats who were jealous of the dog and so in the middle of the lesson they were all sitting on his lap/chest hahaha! 

Saturday, we woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go play sports with the zone.............😑😑😑 (you KNOW how I feel about early mornings.) We played volley ball and it was actually quite fun. It was a great exchange! Church on Sunday was great! Everyone talked about Jesus Christ and His atonement and how we can use His atonement every day! I know that for a fact the greatest blessing of all is being able to use the atonement to change and be forgiven. To me it’s a comfort knowing that nothing we ever do is set in stone. No matter where we have gone or what we have done, if we have a desire to change and be better it can always be forgiven and wiped away. The Atonement also gives us added strength as we use it to overcome the challenges we face in life and the trials that may come. I just love this truth so much!!! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week.


Sister Magda

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