Monday, February 13, 2017

Um...We're on Fire!

February 6, 2017
Dear friends and family,

Here is a little bit about my week.  It won’t be as long of email as last week, though.   On Thursday, we had a lesson with Demetrius and it went SO WELL!  We sat down with him and talked about how by reading the Book of Mormon he will find answers to his questions. We read the 1st chapter with him and he loved it! We invited him to say the prayer at the end of the lesson and he did. After he said amen, he did a little dance and said "I'm so excited!!" He is so excited to learn more and to continue reading the Book of Mormon. 

The other day we were getting ready for bed and it was a bit late... like…LATE. I looked out our bedroom window and I said... what the heck...? We look out there and our downstairs neighbor had caught the backyard on fire!
He and his friend were standing around it like... uh... what do we do?? So, they start trying to throw dirt on it and they were falling into it catching themselves on fire! It started spreading like really bad, so we were like uhhhhh...should we call 911? We did call and I felt super awkward ‘cause I've never called the cops before. I’m all... "um yeah, there's a fire in our backyard and there's two guys trying to put it out and they're falling in it and we don't know what to do..." hahaha! So meanwhile, our apartment is filling up with smoke and the fire is getting bigger by the second so we try calling our district leader and our zone leaders but no one was freaking answering! That’s when we got dressed and went outside to get away from the smoke and flames.
Meanwhile, the guys who started it are banging on their door trying to get inside and their family wouldn’t let them in! So, they were walking around all angry. Then our other neighbor comes up to us and said, "hey, just so you know... we saw that he has a gun... you probably should go inside..." So we're like... uh.... no argument there!" We rushed inside and opened the windows and watched the firefighters talk about how people who start fires are stupid! Hahaha! By now it’s 12:00am “ish” and we are now super awake so we made some food, called our mission president’s wife cause we were scared we were gonna get shot in the foot ‘cause we could hear our downstairs neighbors yelling and banging things. Haha so.... that was fun.  (Fun she says.  Fire.  Guns. Not what a mother wants to EVER hear in a missionary letter.)

We also had zone conference and interviews and it was so good. President is inspired and wonderful.


Sister Alisha Magda

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