Monday, June 20, 2016

ONCE UPON A the land of OZ!

June 20, 2016
Dear Friends and Family,

First of all, thank you for the birthday wishes. I can't believe I am now 20 years old!  What the heck—I am so old... Just kidding. Thank you mom for your amazing box of all the good stuff

(especially the TACO BELL GIFT CARD yumyumyummy)
and thank you Ashleigh for the shirts and the Harry Potter stuff.
I just about died and went to heaven. And tell Sister Marshall thank you so much for the $50. She spoils me so much.  Tell her I love and miss her! 

I will start out with the craziest story of the week... you ready... ONCE UPON A TIME there were two Sisters who couldn’t for the life of them find someone to go on a team up with them on this hot, muggy, sticky, slimy, humid day.  So they got a ride down to the lovely Ghetto of Wichita, where all the wonderful investigators are. The Sisters then spent time with their favorite recent converts and their cute little kittens and then had to speedily get to an appointment.
As they walked outside, they soon discovered that it had started to sprinkle...

Thinking nothing of it they said their goodbyes and proceeded to head out to their appointment which was two miles away. When they were halfway there they saw flashes of lightning and heard big booming sounds and looked ahead and saw a wall of rain coming towards them.  Not knowing what to do, they proceeded into the wall of rain. Puddles and puddles of water they had to dodge but it was too late to save their feet.  The one Sister (me) had holes in the bottom of her shoes so it was pointless and she proceeded to walk through the puddles.

Soon the roads started to flood and cars started to go slower so as not to spray walls of water up into the air.  They lightly and carefully proceeded through the flooded roads.  That is all except for a monstrous white truck with large wheels. He decided to speed through the lake of a road and send a tsunami like wave over the Sister that happened to be closest to the road (me) and completely soak her to the bone with water... the bedraggled Sisters only yelled lovely things to the truck... sort of...

Upon reaching their appointment they finally got a break from the weather and hoped it would pass when they got out... that hope was shattered when they left and saw that it had gotten worse and their dinner appointment was another two and half miles away.  
There was lightning striking the ground and lakes instead of roads. But they said a little prayer and then continued to walk. The sidewalks had water to their thighs and the rain was pushing them sideways and after a mile they surely thought that the worst that could happen would be that they were going to be late to dinner.  The Lord heard their cries and a gift from heaven was presented to them in the form of a Spanish couple they had never met. These angels in human form stopped and asked if they needed a ride. The Sisters expressed their gratitude to God for this wonderful Spanish couple who could barely speak English and happily hopped in and was taken to the member’s home.

As these Sisters approached the door and the member opened it she saw the extent of their toils and travails and expressed her sorrow that they didn't call and ask for a ride—for she surly would have come and picked them up. Feeling dumb and a bit cold, they said, “sorry,” and the member went and brought out fresh pajamas and took their wet clothes to put them in a warm dryer. She ordered pizza and they ate pizza in Pj's on the couch as the rain came down harder and harder.

The sisters were happy because they were warm and dry and their bellies were full of lovely Pizza Hut pizza and root beer. It was a Happily Ever After. 

That was my week!  It was great hahaha !  I love everyone so much and hope your week is a great one !! 


Sister Magda

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