Sunday, June 19, 2016


June 13, 2016

This week was super-hot!  Now that Kansas summer has finally arrived all the bugs have decided to come out... I have no idea why no one asked them too. I remember asking them nicely to stay hibernating but they didn't listen that’s for sure!  My legs have about 30 itchy bites each!
Other than the bugs this week was very uneventful.
We had district meeting and then scrambled to find a ride to our area where our investigators are and finally found one but all they could do was drop us off which is totally fine; that’s way better than walking 20miles haha. We were walking into the apartment complex when the woman we are teaching walks out and was like, “I'm going to the store walk with me!” So we did and we taught her the Restoration of the Gospel all through the store. When she got to the counter she realized she had forgotten her debate card . She put everything on hold and then we walked back with her to her apartment. After some searching, she found it then she had  a lot of questions for us, so we spent another 30min answering them. After that, she asked us to walk again with her back to the store picked up the groceries and back to the apartment and answered more questions...weirdest/coolest lesson ever!

We had Zone Conference on Friday from 9am-5pm. It was our Mission President’s last zone conference and it was awesome!!!
We have four AP's (Assistant to the “mission” Presidet) and each taught on different subjects. The main topics were on having a GIANT VISION and changing into the missionary you are meant to be and who you promised to be as well. Elder Marriefield and Elder Limb talked about changing your attitude. If you go into a lesson thinking only negative things and how it’s going to go wrong and nothing is going to happen then most likely that’s going to happen. But if you go into a lesson thinking I can do this; I got this; it’s going to go great and we can do this, then your outcome will be just that. It was really cool because they did a baseball demonstration where one was the pitcher and the other e was the batter.   
They did two scenarios one with a good attitude and the other with a bad attitude and then we had a discussion on it why certain things happened and what could have gone better. Our mission president went up and talked about a new mission word COEO (Capitalize On Every Opportunity) no matter what you are doing always look for a way to do more to make every moment the best moment.  

I Love being a KWM (Kansas Wichita Mission) missionary it is the most amazing mission ever and I am so privileged to be a part of this great mission family! 
This baby robin fell out of a 12 foot tree
and Sister Maxwell found him and nursed it back to health!
Sorry this letter is so short I promise for better stories and a more eventful week this week :D

I hope California Is much cooler than Kansas and that everyone is having an AWESOME SUMMER !!! 


Sister Magda

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