Monday, September 4, 2017

I Know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is True

August 14, 2017

Dear family and friends,

Not a whole lot has happened in this week. Monday night we got a call from the STL's asking if we could change our exchange from Thursday to Tuesday... which was all good we didn't have any set appointments so we agreed to it. As we were driving up to the 13th Street Building they called us and told us that they had to change the exchange again to the next day... which was super funny to us because literally we were pulling in to the parking lot when they told us so we had to drive all the way back to our area. Luckily, all those miles were reimbursed. So, we had exchanges on Wednesday instead after district meeting. I went to Bel Air with Sister Thompson, and Sister Lomu stayed in Maize with Sister Setoki.

Back story, Sister Setoki in Topeka got into a fender bender and lost her driving privileges and then just two weeks ago Sister Thompson got into a fender bender and lost her driving privileges as well so they have no car and have to walk everywhere... which meant on my exchange in Bel Air I had to walk everywhere as well... ewwh. But it was still super awesome! Sister Thompson and I had a lot of fun talking to people and talking about all our mission stories. We walked up to this one guy’s porch and started talking to him. Well, he was super drunk and was acting all flirty to us he then said, "if I join your church can I have two wives... just kidding." After that, we asked if we could send other missionaries to talk to him later. We then passed him to the elders hahaha.

That night it stormed pretty hard but we were luckily in a member’s home eating dinner by that time and then had meetings at church so we didn't have to be in it. The Andover sisters picked us up from church (sister Gardner and sister Nail) it was really nice to see Sister Nail and spend a little time talking to her. We then went out to Cold Stone because Sister Thompson wanted to celebrate my last exchange with ice cream... 😭 I loved every minute of that exchange! Sister Thompson is such an amazing missionary and taught me so much! She is such a wonderful example of diligence and obedience. She is also so much fun. We definitely became close friends and I am grateful. 

When Sister Lomu and I got back to Maize she had found 4 new investigators and two of them are super solid! The other two will get there. We weren't able to find any more people though which was rough. But we were able to progress a lot of people. 

Mark spoke in sacrament meeting for the first time! He gave his whole conversion story and testimony and it was absolutely amazing. He gave such a strong testimony on the restoration and how he was led by the Lord to know of its truthfulness. He said that he could not deny that this was God's true church restored upon the earth. I can't express how amazing it has been to be able to see the changes this gospel makes on everyone's lives. People that are lost and confused are able to find peace and clarity. Those who are lonely and hurt are able to feel Christ love in great abundance and are able to be fully healed through his atonement. There is an endless amount of blessings that come from the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I have seen so many in my life before and during my mission. 

 I love my mission with all my heart it has brought me so much joy that words cannot even express. I have felt my Savior walk beside the whole way through, helping me through hard times and rejoicing with me through good times. I have come to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is truly Jesus Christ's church restored here upon the earth with the fullness of the everlasting gospel, and that it brings families closer together. It’s brought mine closer together which I am forever grateful for. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and if we read it God can truly answer our prayers and questions. I know that it is another testament of Jesus Christ and all those who read will come closer to God than any other book. I know this because I've read it and studied, pondered, and prayed to know if it was true and by the power of the Holy Ghost I know that it is. I promise you that if you read and ask God if its true he will tell you as well and it will change your life and you will be able to know of the glory of God and the joy of the fullness of his gospel. I am so excited to see the miracles God has in store for his children here in the Maize 1st area and to be a part of it. 😊 


Sister Magda 

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