Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Memories of Christmas and a Brand New Year

January 2, 2017

Dear friends and family,

We got a new district leader named Elder Mortensen. He is really cool and has been “following me around the mission”. It’s actually kind of funny. He was in my first zone, then he became my district leader in Wichita. Then there was one transfer where he wasn't in my zone, and then he became my zone leader in Salina. Now he's my district leader again in Topeka. Funny, right? We were joking about it today and he said, “I never have to wonder where I am going to go because I’ll just see where you are and know that’s where I’ll be!” It’s super funny to me as well because we go home the exact same time too.

Anyway, today Sister Aldritch, a member in our ward, took our whole district out to go bowling! it was so much fun... although I realize I didn't inherited my grandmother’s talent at bowling which stinks. She then made us all lunch, chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes... it’s
a Kansas meal, I guess, but it was really good!!!

Christmas was wonderful. A member of our ward let us use their house and our entire district played the game Settlers of Zarahemla and watched Disney movies (approved for that day only) then I got to skype my wonderful family and laugh and tell them all about Kansas. it was awesome!
Afterward, we all went caroling for the rest of the night!!
I just love Christmas on my mission because you truly get to experience the true meaning of Christmas.
Happy New Year!

Sister Magda

P.S. So, everyday this month Sister Gillespie and I went into the elders' apartment when they weren't there and took one tie a day until Christmas.
Then we bought them each a tie and signed the back of it and wrapped them, and put them at the bottom of the box and folded all 46 ties and put them on top. then we wrapped the whole thing and gave it to them for Christmas. Elder Monson wore his new tie for Christmas. 

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