Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ever Heard of Wind Chill?

January 9, 2017
Dear Family and Friends,

This week the weather is absolutely crazy. We had one day that it wasn't a freaking -8 degrees!! That is insane.... And ever heard of wind-chill? It's like the worst thing ever. It might be 10 degrees but it feels like -10. Stupid. It is stupid. Sister Gillespie has a picture of me hiding in my bed ha ha!

The strangest thing that happened this week was when we saw a man yesterday night walking down the street with a weird scrappy wagon thing. Except, he wasn't pulling it... There was a chain attached to it... that was attached to his waist... and he was carrying an ax. Yeah. An ax. He looked very.....intense? Let's just say he was "walking with purpose"... Very quickly. He looked super shady. Topeka blows my mind sometimes. We decided to follow him and he went into the back door of a house with the ax!!! Then when we went around again he was sitting on his wagon and it looked like he was sharpening something... Then he saw us and we booked it out of there.

We met an awesome lady named Deidra. She is amazing. She is super excited about the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church! We're super excited to see her progress!

Last Monday, our P-day, Sister Aldrich took the whole district bowling! it was so much fun. We spent practically the whole day with her doing puzzles after that. Now I'm addicted to puzzles... It's bad.

Today the elders let us pick out what style to cut their hair.... I was very excited... They look so much better. And then we played an intense game of Frisbee with 8 people.  Super fun!

The Jordan family are still working towards baptism. They keep coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. They are doing so well! They just need to get over some trials of faith. I love them so much

Hope you have a great week!

Sister Magda

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