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May 16, 2016
Dear Family and Friends,


Hey everyone! So this week was SO STRESSFUL!!! Tuesday we had a 3 hour drive to Dodge City just me and Sister Tafua. On our way we went through Pratt which was sister Tafua's first area so we stopped for like 20 minutes and she showed me where they lived and what the church looked like... The church is SOO SMALL!!! It was the size of a house practically. Anyway we spent time in the car laughing and telling jokes and I asked her a few questions because after she's gone I would be in charge of the area; the thought of this was so incredibly stressful. And to be honest, I really didn't want a new companion or another missionary getting my mission mom so yes, I was a little jealous hahaha. So we finally made it to Dodge and went out to lunch with Sister Mertens (my new companion) and sister Nerdin (sister Tafua's new companion) to Wendy’s.  Afterwards, we hugged and said goodbye to each other and drove away. Hardest thing ever was saying goodbye to sister Tafua. On our three hour drive back to Wichita, I began to get to know sister Mertens.  She has been out for 11 months and has been to Topeka, Maze first ward (which is in my zone so she has been here before), Lamar Colorado,  and now Rolling Hills Wichita, and she's from Sandy utah... yaay Utah :P... and then I said I was from Sacramento California and she looked at me and said, "Hey I have family in Sacramento." I thought to myself, “Eh,  I don't actually live in Sacramento what are the chances she knows someone that I do?”  So I asked her what their names were and she said, “Well their last name is Folkman.......”  I was like WHATS THEIR FIRST NAME!!!! She said Jim, Lori, Chris, Rachel and Nathan. WHAT THE FIDDLESTICKS NO FREAKING WAY !!!!!! and she was like "do you know them?" I said Nathan and Rachel are My Best friends!!!! I grew up with them and Jim's My Bishop. What a small world!!

Throughout this week I have had to use everything my trainer taught me and had to do everything I was afraid to do or didn't want to do. I have been knocking on doors, calling people on the phone to make appointments and ask people if they can come on team ups with us, and I have been planning every night and leading conversations. It hasn't been easy I have struggled a lot and I am still struggling with it but I know that nothing will be easy and that I am going to have to trust the Lord and lean on Him to get through these challenges.  I know He will help me come out of it stronger and I will be a better missionary because of it. Sister Mertens has been showing me different ways to do things and we actually went on splits the other day where we took K. and N., our recent converts out on their first team ups. Sister Mertens took N. out knocking on doors and I took K.to one of our investigators house and talked with her and taught her a lesson about church and why we go and why it’s important. I was super nervous because 1. 1 have never taught a lesson by myself and 2. K. has only been a member for a month and I wasn't sure how it would go or what she would say. So beforehand I told her what we would be talking about and when we got in there she bore her testimony so many times about how much she loves the church and how it has changed her and Nicole. It was AMAZING ! 

This video is a silly one we all made before my companion transfer.  Watch carefully at about 1:00.  The field is definitely WHITE!

I will now answer your questions:

1.         Mom asked: Now that you are in charge of this area, will you be driving?

I will be getting my driving privileges this week i just have to watch a video and write a paragraph on the safety part.

2.       When you have your P-day, who decides on what activity you will all do?  Do you always go with the other sisters and elders? 

When we have P-day's anyone can go places so usually Sister Tafua hated just hanging out at the church and watching all the elders just play Magic all day so she would say, “Well, we are going here—if anyone wants to come…” hahaha
3.       You will have to take your new companion to some of the fun places you’ve been too.  She may have only been in tiny towns so far.  What do you plan to do today?

So today I wanted to go to the zoo (different zoo) and that’s where we and the elders in our ward are going to later today. 

I know this letter is so scattered and I am sorry for that but that’s all I can think of. I didn't get my 9am-10am nap so I'm a little tired.  *wink *wink


Sister Magda 

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