Monday, November 7, 2016

Aligning Our Will With His

November 7, 2016
Hey Family and Friends!!

So, I have had the best week of my mission—full of miracles and spiritual revelation. This week was Zone Conference and Zone Training.
Both were just so revelatory and amazing. It was all about personal and companionship study and how we can be more unified and prepared
for the Lord’s work. We are also doing a mission wide Book of Mormon challenge by reading 9 pages a day until Christmas day. It is the best!  I have loved every day of it! It is so amazing how as we read the scriptures, the Lord makes certain things that had never stood out before suddenly stand out! I just love it!!

A super cool miracle that happened this week was during district meeting. My companion and I had been talking about the changes we were going to make as a companionship to become more unified and in tune with the Lord’s will so that we can receive His blessings.
Right after Sister Goff and
I discussed what we were going to do, our phone rang and Sister Goff quickly answered it. It was from Sister Brunner, the bishop’s wife. She said that she had a “golden referral” for us. A member of our church from Mexico contacted Sister Brunner and wanted missionaries to go and visit her friend Maria Munoz, right here in Abilene, KS.  She had been talking to Maria about the Book of Mormon and now Maria wanted to learn more. Right after we got off the phone we said a prayer of thanks to the Lord and then drove back from Salina to Abilene and got in contact with Maria and set up an appointment with her the next day. After our lesson with her, she was excited to prepare for baptism on November 27th!! I know that as we show the Lord that we are willing to change and align our will with His and show Him our desires that He blesses us.

Alisha’s mom asked if there was an Abilene Ward AND a Salina Ward or if they were combined.  The people in Abilene must drive 30 minutes to get to the church building in Salina, KS.  For her friends and family in CA, that is a distance!
So, the Salina Ward is Abilene and Salina mixed together but we are hoping to someday have an Abilene ward.

Her mom asked when the next transfers were.
Transfers are next week. We will find out next Monday if either of us stay or leave or if both of us leave... cuz that happens too.  

Alisha’s mom likes to ask what was the funniest thing that happened this week.  Sometimes she isn’t sure she should have asked.
The funniest thing that happened this week was... hmm.. oh!  Sister Goff and I like to see how many cockroaches we can kill while in some people’s homes and then when we get back in the car, we tally them and then make up stories on how the cockroaches reacted when they saw our foot looming over them.  Then we make up screams for them!   Hahaha so freaking funny!!!

Well, that’s all! I hope you have a great week!


Sister Magda!

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