Monday, August 8, 2016

Exchanges, Challenges, and Greyhounds!

July 18, 2016

Hi Friends and Family!!!! 

Can't believe it’s already Monday!! Where does the time go! This is going to be a quick email because when on a mission you’re always going, going, going hahaha! But this week has been awesome!
Last Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Peterson (my mission Grandma) and it was the best exchange of my life!!!
I have learned so much from her and how to be a hardworking and courageous missionary! She is literally the coolest person ever we had so much fun and saw so many miracles in Salina.   

Funny story; My new companion, Sister Nail and I had a district challenge to hand out 5 Books of Mormon in one day and so we were so pumped a ready to take the challenge.  The first house we stopped at was this sweet old lady’s.  She came to the door and we asked her if she had talked to missionaries before and she "oh ya, I’ve talked to missionaries before they gave me a book. Hold on, let me go find it." We were thinking, “ man she's going to tell us all about how she's read the Book of Mormon and loved it... She came back with a Book of Mormon and handed it to us and said, “I don't want this. Give it to someone else who does.” And she closed the door... I couldn't help but laugh.  We started out the day with -1... but that’s ok because the Lord always provides a way if we are willing to keep going and keep talking to all those we meet. End of story; we were able to hand out 5 Books of Mormon by the end of the day.  It was Awesome!! 

We have an investigator named Ibet. She is 17 and from Mexico and has been meeting with us for three weeks. She came to church two weeks ago and this Sunday and loved it! She kept saying how much she loved it and wants to keep learning more and coming to church. She is my favorite person and is so smart and loves learning about the gospel. She is preparing to be baptized this Saturday! I freaking love her so much she is such an awesome Girl and we have a lot of fun together!

I love my mission so much and am so grateful to be here in the Heartland!

Well I love you all so much !

Love Sister Magda

P.S.  Sister Magda went to the Greyhound Hall of Fame which is located in Abilene, Ks.  There she saw actual Greyhounds and Greyhound buses.  She loved the sweet dogs. (She has a half greyhound/half afghan hound at home and loves him to bits.)  She was excited that they even had puppies!

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